The Reset IV New Year’s EVE 2025 | Dec 31st | Dream Beach Goa


Book your tickets for The Reset IV New Year’s Eve 2024-25 at Dream Beach Vagator Goa. Good Vibes!



The RES3T, a meticulously planned New Year’s Eve celebration, is the culmination of extraordinary dedication & tremendous hardwork. This initiative was created to introduce people to the deeper, more cerebral and meaningful side of psytrance music. The gathering aimes to introduce a fresh and innovative approach to music in Goa, breaking away from the repetitive and mundane sounds that have become the norm. By providing a platform for boundary-breaking artists, the project sought to challenge traditional notions of what constitutes ‘good’ music. Through this, it hopes to open people’s eyes to the diverse range of sounds and styles that exists beyond the confines of mainstream culture. The response this year was overwhelmingly positive, with thousands of freaks expressing their gratitude for being exposed to new and exciting music. The 3rd edition of THE R3SET has succeeded in its mission to shake up the status quo and provide a much-needed injection of creativity into Goa’s music scene. As we move forward into another year, it is clear that this project has laid the foundation for a more vibrant and dynamic musical landscape in Goa. See you at the fourth edition of THE R3SET, this NYE in Goa🔱🏝️🤌

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