Introducing M.A.D Cash & 20% Cashback on all Tickets!


We’re proudly announcing the launch of M.A.D Cash digital cash system in Madvibes, in which you will get 20% Cashback points on all tickets booked through us known as M.A.D Cash.

What is M.A.D Cash?

M.A.D Cash is basically a wallet type of digital money system, which can be earned only by purchasing tickets through You’ll receive a specific amount of M.A.D Cash as cashback in your account for every purchase you make through You can use M.A.D Cash to book tickets the next time you’ll be booking for any event from us.

How you can view your available M.A.D Cash balance?

You can go into your My Account page after you’ve loggen in to to view your available M.A.D Cash balance in My Account page.

How to Redeem M.A.D Cash while booking tickets?

On the check out page, you’ll see the option to redeem the M.A.D Cash balance. You’ll see the discounted amount while checking out. You can redeem M.A.D Cash for checking out any number of times.

How Much M.A.D Cash Can We Use Per Transaction ?

You can use upto 40 M.A.D Cash per transaction like each transaction you can get ₹40 off from the normal ticket price.

Example : If you book 10 tickets as 10 transactions you can get ₹400 off from total amount to be paid.

Terms & Conditions

  1. (hereby known as “The Company”) reserves the right to refuse this service to anyone if found taking advantage of the system or commiting fraud.
  2. The company reserves the right to withdraw the offer anytime with or without any prior user consent.
  3. M.A.D Cash is not available on international purchases using PayPal.
  4. Validity for M.A.D Cash is for 3 Months i.e 120 days.