Karacus Marakus 2018 | Feb 7-9 (OUTSIDE INDIA PAYMENTS)

If you’re from outside India, use this page to make payment to buy tickets for Karacus Marakus. You can buy tickets for Karacus Marakus 2018 using PayPal. Click the below given button for buying ticket through PayPal.

NOTE: Your Paypal payment confirmation email is considered as your ticket. You need to produce only this email at the entry. Nothing else. Happy partying …!!




If you still have any doubt, just drop a mail on contact@madvibes.in or call +918547043862.

One thought on “Karacus Marakus 2018 | Feb 7-9 (OUTSIDE INDIA PAYMENTS)

  1. Hi.. i have bought 2 tickets to karakus marakus by pay pal the 21 okt 17 .. how to get Them ? Will they be send home to me or ??? Have a trans id 2D901113E7825821J.. thanks

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