Spirit Calling feat. KOKOBLOKO & DARKSPHIRE | June 3 | Pebble | Bangalore

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ૐ”Keep Moving. Keep Dancing. A menagerie of life through the eyes of a free spirit!”♡☆♫

Welcoming you Speed Spirit Entertainment’s exclusive version of ░ૐ★✮☆SPIRIT CALLING featuring KOKOBLOKO//DARKSHIRE//MANVANTARA//SONIK DISTORTION//METAFORIK☆✮★ૐ░

Line-up & Artist Info:

~ KOKOBLOKO ~ (Future Tribe Office)

~ DARKSHIRE ~ (Prayalah Records)

Mario Sounoglou is the Mind behind Kokobloko, Darkshire and Makumba Projects. He was born in Athens, Greece on 21st December 1984 and lives currently in Athens. Mario holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Computer Animation from University of Kent, UK.
Mario discovered Psychedelic Trance in the early 2000s, after attending various Music Festivals. He made his first steps in Music Production at the age of 20. In August 2004, Mario met Viktor Zolotarenko during one of his live performances in Athens and was influenced by his music style. A year later he released his first single with Zolod Parasense/Terminator on Vertigo Records.
New Releases followed in Labels such as Discovalley Records, Tantrumm, Manic Dragon, Drop Out Productions, Mighty Quinn, Trishula and Foot Stomping Records. In 2006, Mario teamed up with his friend Gregorio Materia Increada/GR and started experimenting on the Kokobloko Project, on which he continues solo two years later.
In 2009, his debut album “Darkshire & Amigos – Break Down” was published on Helicon Sound System and was followed by the split album “Distorted Shire” in collaboration with Nelsun/Mind Distortion System on Lycantrop Records.
Meanwhile collaborations appeared with Kolya Furious/Crazy Astronaut in Crazy Astronaut Renegade on Osom Music and with Fareji Jalebi on Parvati Records. In 2010, he expose more music on Labels such as Pukkawallah Records (Japan), Lycantrop Records, Deviant Force Records (Germany).
In 2011, Mario founded his own Label known as “Future Tribe Office” under which he released the debut Kokobloko & Friendz – Pobeg V Budushee Album. Later that year, Discovalley Records released his last work of Darkshire Project, the “Path of Memories” album. In 2013, Mario launched his new solo project “Makumba”, evolution of Darkshire sound with its Debut EP “Drawn to life”.
Mario has performed numerous times in more than 16 countries in Europe and Asia such as Russia, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Japan, Brazil, India, Nepal and of course in Greece.
In September 2014 he released the 2nd full length Kokobloko album “FutureProof” under his “Future Tribe Office” Label. In February 2015, a new collaboration with Matteo Radice from Italy led to “Brain Board” album release also on F.T.O. The 2nd Makumba EP is nearly to be completed and will be released on Insomnia Records so, Stay Tuned….!


~ MANVANTARA (Digital Shiva Power) ~ (Prayalah Records)

Manvantara is the eponym of Karan Chavan, born 1988 Bombay, India.
When the universal state of rest (pralayah) comes to an end the process of re-awakening begins, and the two fundamental principles of the Cosmos: Spirit and Matter appear.
Manvantaric sounds commences with the re-awakening of Cosmic Ideation (the “Universal Mind”) covering a wide range of primordial tribal percussions,robust basslines & abstract grooves , forestial atmospheres and first order fluency in all relative genres.With his distinctive melange of analogue and digital synthesisers, acoustic instrumentation and highly imaginative soundscaping,manvantaric sets are acutely supernal and energetic,delivering successful acme and divine experiences on various dance floors,more or less a decade of proficient experience in armor of the young/old minds in every unworldly environment and fanatical in establishing anomalous rapport with the crowd,
Manvantara is all set to create a digital memento in each & every kalpa’s.



Sonik Distortion, otherwise known as Balu Mathew is a DJ/Producer from the south of India. Since Sonik Distortion’s conception about a decade ago, his avantgarde releases and presence in the psychedelic trance scenes in and outside India have garnered their own unique following. Sonik Distortion, a self taught DJ, is kind of jack of all trades who gives a mind manifesting encounter to his audience at his gigs with powerful swells of sound that eventually unfold into more ethereal, intricate valleys, offering the listener the sort of 360 experience of absolute wonders of reality. His subtle brilliance lies in exploring a wide range of genres from Hitech to Dark Psy, Progressive, Dubstep, Drum and Bass and Techno.

Some of his collaborations include:

Digital Munkeyz(with Mehpsyah)
Klassikal Rage (With Aum Sync) and his solo Projekt 3(P.M.M, THC, Snd EVENTS).

Sonik Distortion is one of the core DJ\ Artist of Post Modern Music(INDIA). 2016 has been another crazy year meeting up with support from international acts and him being one of the new additions to CATAR Records(UK).


~ METAFORIK ~ (MetaDimension Music)

Metaforik is a High Tech project from Abdul Gafoor born and raised in india. His passion for hitech sounds has made him think of a project through which he can write his stories. And there born the brain child ‘Metaforik’ . He presently act as a DJ and plays good quality hitech tunes.


The Spirits are calling, so come down and join us for what’s going to be one memorable night of love and psychedelia. ❤ ☯ ☮

Photography by MAD Vibes
Decor and Mapping TBA


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