Killatk live | 24th Feb 2018 | Chennai

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Outer Space Crew & Secret Direction
proudly presentKILL∆NACH GATHERING
KiLLΔTK [ZuluTunes / Brazil]
Sionnach [shunyatha Records / Ireland]▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ABOUT THE ARTISTS:

KiLLΔTK is the project of Hitech Dark Psytrance, created by Gustavo Castro in 2013. Started his trajetory in middle 2013, since then he is collecting noises and knowledge from producers around the globe, always looking to improve his own productions. In 2015, he met the person that changed his career, Natural Disaster (ZuluTunesRec). Disaster gave him a chance and started to teach KiLLΔTK some Cubase technics. Since then KiLLΔTK started to release tracks in many labels, as: Galactic Crew, Popol-Vuh-Records, Up 160, Dopetec Records and Anomalistic Records. Invited by CinderVomit to be part of Anomalistic Rec, after his set in the first CinderVomit11hrs party @ Brazil (2015).

With freestyle productions, KiLLΔTK is changing the Hitech scene in Brazil.


Sionnach, based in the West of Ireland, is the alias of psytrance producer Tadhg Kelly. Always interested in fusing styles and sounds of the psychedelic, this project focuses mainly on groove and high energy sounds.




Metaforik [MetaDimension Music / India]

Metaforik is a High Tech project from abdul gafoor born and raised in india. His passion for hitech sounds has made him think of a project through which he can write his stories. And there born the brain child ‘Metaforik’ . He presently act as a DJ and plays good quality hitech tunes.

Label Dj at MetaDimension Music

Enjoy the tunes
Boom 🙂



Brahmaastra [Quark Dimension / India]

Brahmaastra is the ‘Pure’ Psychedelic Act of Zeenish, from Chennai, India. Ever since its inception in 2013, the act has repelled every form of foreign influence to reflect the true ethos of Psychedelic.

The Soul of Brahmaastra lies at the hardcore, underground end of its diverse spectrum. The project is an assortment of hypnotic drones, eclectic layers, atmospheric sounds and modern psychedelic arrangements that evoke mystical and mind-altering themes.



Mentallex [Sacred Sound / India]

A Hi-tech,dark project initiated by Ranan born and raised in india,present you the sound seeds from all dimensions of the portal to germinate a new idea!!




Grey AAthma [Paramathma Records / India]

GreY aAthmA is an TamiLiaN SouL Night & Day time Hi~Tech, ExperimentaL Psychedelic and Twilight Trance project of Prabhakaran , hails from the LosT continent [KumarI Kandam] and the Remaining Surviving Land at present is called TAMIL NADU southern Part of India, signed with Sharada Devi Records and Paramathma Records. He is the founder of Musika Electronica Chennai group:

He has been following electronic music since 2005. Later his passion for learning more styles of music drove him towards Psychedelic Sounds , and started Dj’ing from 2007 at Psychedelic parties and festivals in India.

Using his collective memory and experience as a music form, he tries to gather all the intergalactic spiritual powers into one pure energy to give creation, willpower, unity, Respect, Love, FreedoM and Peace. Thats where the GreY aAthmA project was born in order to open minds and increase consciousness. Drawing inspiration from the Outer Space and Nature around, His music is based on the magical sounds of the Nature and Outer space, giving digitalised technical sharp sounds floating from lower to higher frequencies drilling through our minds. Lately though, his music is organic, infusing the rhythms of Ancient Technology of Gods like SiVa, Sakthi , Murukhan.

He is heavily inspired by following Record labels Osom, Alice D, Noise Poison, Ovni, Kamino, Dark Prisma, Damaru Records, Zulu tunes , Twisted mind Records,Parvati Records, Boom shanka, sangoma Records . His music is highly influenced by their sounds. He made his first painted track in 2009 named 300 warriors which gave him clarity about psychedelic sounds and later he have done mixes of Various artist.

Now he continues his mystical Musical journey for Creating his own Psychedelic music to spread the spiritual purpose of life following their Ancestor of Gods & Sounds to give advance technology of thoughts which cause one Religion with Pure LoVe , FreedoM , Unity, PeaCe n Music ❄



Static Prayer [Sharada Devi Records / India]

Static Prayer is the brainchild of Chennai based producers Amrit Kishan and Rohan Mohanty

Being school friends they never thought they would team to send psychedelic tunes out to the society!
The journey started in 2015 when these two jammed over for a day or two and processed the thought of playing out together forever!

Static Prayer is a psychedelic trance project specializing more in forest,twilight and dark progressive psy trance!

Having Amrit Kishan on the mic beat boxing to psychedelic music and sampling with the help of his mouth and Rohan Mohanty on the console,these two come up with some power pact music!
Having opened for world renowned artists such as Pantomiman, Yatzee , Blisargon Demogorgon , Ozzy , White Wizard, Azrin, Lyktum, we value the neverending cycle of the souls rebirth, learning as we teach.

Static Prayer’s speciality is to make the crowd groove to some serious rolling in the baseline and tickle the brain of the people with some live sampling!



Event Supported by: Quark Dimension & MetaDimension Music


Disclaimer: Rights of admission reserved. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, loss or damage of any nature to any persons, vehicles or belongings. Use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. Bad attitudes will not be tolerated.





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