Brief History Of Goa feat. SHIVAX & MR.PINK | Dec 9th | ITC Kakatiya | Hyderabad

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Brief History Of Goa Main Event Lineup coming soon…..
Shivax Time to introduce our first headliner officially!!

Shivax seeks to combine the best of his various musical influences to bring the world a different psychedelic trance style.

Israel based Yanai Jascourt has been a music fanatic from a young age and his passion for music brought him to discover trance and electronic music at the age of 18. At this point, he started producing his own tracks and left his heavy metal band.

Shivax started in 2011, originally influenced by old school trance, his first albums featured a more Goa trance sound combined with different genres he was intrigued by.

In 2015 the project expanded worldwide after returning from India where he played a number of sets while traveling. He started performing live with his guitar, getting greater recognition in Israel and playing at some awesome parties and festivals around the globe, in countries such as Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, France, and Mexico.

The “rebirth” of Shivax started in 2017 where he took his line of music in another direction and started producing a fusion of psytrance genres focusing on sound quality and production value shaping his sound to express his ideas.

The new style officially took effect with an EP release titled “Warming Up” that was released in July of 2017 on the infamous Israeli label “Krembo Records”.

Focusing on fresh and exciting new music, along with touring the world with his guitar, Shivax’s future holds in store a fresh psychedelic rock-n-roll vibe for the whole psytrance scene. Get ready!


Mr. Pink
My artistic journey started at a young age. I would always be so excited when it was time for art class. I loved all of it; drawing, painting, sculpting,etc. As a child I would build models and paint miniatures. My musical journey started later. I remember playing the recorder when I was about 10, but it didn’t really grab me. I loved listening to music and gained an appreciation for it, but it was not until I was in my early 30’s when was traveling around the world that I picked up a didgeridoo and my life as a musician really started.
When I was 29 I had an epiphany that I had to travel. Until that time I had all types of jobs, as a cook, store detective, busboy, and even owned a swimming pool service! When I had the realization that there was more to life than a job I sold my business and went to Amsterdam. That began my journey that continues to this day. My first Asian destination was India. It was there in Goa that I connected with the music and lifestyle of Psy Trance. It was 1993 and I met some fellow Americans who had a vision as I did to bring this amazing music and culture to the U.S.A. We met again months later in San Francisco and decided to start a collective based around a warehouse space we had found for rent. Thus was born the C.C.C. The Consortium of Collective Consciousness. Our mission was to have as many events as we could to spread this vibe. The same year the C.C.C. began was also the first year I attended the Burning Man Festival. It was there that I was introduced to the concept of applying body paint on myself and going into a character and performing. This was also the time I started to play the didgeridoo. I had actually tried one in Darwin, Australia on my travels. I immediately connected with the instrument, making in retrospect what I would call a good sound. I didn’t follow up with it and it I would have to wait another 6 months before it caught me.
So began my musical and performance career. They have always been intimately connected, although I kept them apart as really didn’t know how to integrate them. I also would constantly be trying new forms of artistic expression, For many years I made what I called “Stone Heads”, which were small sculptures that I sold as pendants. etc. This was followed by “Futurines”, where I would take old statuettes and modify them creating what I called an alternative reality past.
Through the years I continued to develop my craft. I practiced the didgeridoo constantly, and started playing in bands. In Goa I was a member of Yankadi, Unit and Kundalini Airport at various times. In 2003 I was in an electronic fusion project called Shiva Subcontractor, followed by Buddha Tech and Goatika, which I was member of for 10 years. I have played as a guest musician with many projects, including Gaudi and members of the Peaking Goddess collective: Ajja, Master Margherita, Dymons and Flooting Grooves.
All this time I was of experimenting with different colors and different styles of performance with my body painting. I kept going to Burning Man almost every year and in 2005 went to Glastonbury and the Sonica Festival in Italy, bringing what I felt was the freedom of expression I had learned to Europe. Over the years I have performed at many festivals, including The Boom Festival in Portugal, Ozora Festival in Hungary, Modem Festival in Croatia and many others. In 2011 I decided to just paint myself pink and so was born Mr Pink.
A couple of years ago after many years of collaborations I began my solo musical career. I was very fortunate as my teacher was Ajja. I spent a month at his house in Switzerland and had the full immersive learning experience. We spent the days and many nights making a psy trance set together, and my learning curve went through the roof in no small part to Ajja’s patience and his effective teaching style. The set that I have been playing is a result of that collaboration. I am now in the process of creating my own sound, playing new tracks as I create them.
The future looks bright as I continue to work on my craft. I have always brought the energy of Mr Pink to the stage when I play my music. As I tell people I’m pink without the pink. My goal is to continue to make music from my heart, and perform the same way. Although they may seem like two different entities, Jovis the musician and Mr Pink the performer are both me. That is why my project name is Jovis aka Mr.Pink. To be honest maybe it should be Mr Pink aka Jovis because at this time it seems many more people know Mr Pink than Jovis. My goal is to change that and unify the two parts of myself onstage as well as in person.
High Potency
Ace O Beats
And more…….


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