Speed Spirit Opening | ft. AMRAS & AUM SECTOR Live | NOV 25 | Pebble | Bangalore

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Heartly Welcoming you to Speed Spirit Ent opening Blast!!

ૐ”Keep Moving. Keep Dancing. A menagerie of life through the eyes of a free spirit!”♡☆♫

Artist Info:


Amras is Miguel Ferro solo project since 2009. Miguel was born in Cascais and grow up in the mystic village of Sintra where he started his psychedelic experience. �Miguel started getting interested in electronic music when he was 13 and discovered trance music five years later. In 2007 a friend gave him a music software where he learned to make Psy Trance sequences connecting time and space in their tracks and creating music by choosing samples with the soul and connection. �Quickly came the idea of making a solid musical project mixing the essence of forest psychedelic sounds, energy of the hitech and the groove of electro music. From 2011 he started playing at parties stating a good reception of energy on the dancefloor.�Miguel was heavily influenced by great artists such as Cosmo, Highko, Kindzadza, Audiophatik and many other artists at the vanguard darkpsy and hitech scene.
In 2011 he was invited to join Electricmoon Records where he released his first experimental album “Infinite Connection.”
Along his musical journey he met people who invited him to represent their labels so in 2013 he joined Lunatic Alien Records from UK, OVNI rec from France and nowadays is also representing Pleiadian Records from Mexico.
Amras has been blasting dance floors in various cities of european countries including Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, England, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary having plans to visit new cultures over the world.



Behind the concept of Aum Sector is Erald Kalludhe, born in 1990 and residing in Athens Greece. This project was created in order to experiment with Electronic Music Production, in particular with Psychedelic Trance. In the mid 2000s, he was introduced in the world of psychedelic trance. After years of exploring the various genres of this music, he decided to study Audio Engineering and E.M.P. and thus Aum Sector project was created. Later, through the exchange of opinions and ideas about music, he collaborated firstly with Atria and formed the project Azareth and secondly with Paranoia Sector, forming Double Sector.
His music can be identified by its dark groovy bass lines, continuous leads effects and spectral atmospheres. The Labels that he is currently working are Darknox Rec. and Psymoon Rec. .In the past he was affiliated with various other Record labels, most notably Warromaja, Dimensional, Popol-Vuh, HorrorDelic, Quantum Digits and Triptec. Most of his releases are through VA Albums and Compilations and at the present time he is producing both his E.P. and L.P. .He is actively involved with the underground psychedelic scene of Greece and other countries, mainly of Europe, where he has performed in numerous parties and festivals, alongside other notable artists of this genre.



HARSH plays a mix of hi tech / dark psychedelic and night time music. His love for music and heavy beats started when he played the drums in a rock band during his teens. The very first psychedelic sound he heard was in 2006 when he was in his hometown of Mumbai and from that point he never looked back!! After moving to London in 2008, he discovered the underground party scene and has been a part of the psychedelic movement ever since.

The music he plays is energetic, with pumping baselines and psychedelic, mind twisting samples. On the groovier side, his mixes are influenced by artists such as EVP, Harmonic Rebel and Neutral Motion. He played for the first time in London in 2011 alongside acts such as Bombax, DeepBrian Frombosis, Papiyan, Whrikk and Disintegrated Circuits. Later that year he returned to India where he played in Goa and more recently he has played alongside Dirty Saffi and Psymmetrix back in London.

His aim is to maintain a happy, powerful and confused vibe on the dance floor and he will continue to share and expand his unique taste in music now that he’s a Lunatic Alien!!!



Sounds from the womb of Parvati
Enso is a project by Akshat Joshi that started out in 2008 in a private party scene in Mumbai, India.
Initially the sources of inspirations were several, and slowly as the tastebuds evolved Enso found his own taste in deep, groovy and organic forest sounds.
Since the last 4 years Enso plays for many parties and festivals in India, mainly in Goa and Parvati Valley.
Enso has shared the stage with great artists such as Already Maged, Technical Hitch, Loud, Space Buddha, SouthWild and many other famous pioneers in different styles.
As inspiration for his sounds Enso mentions nature and the forest as the main sources.
Enso’s sound can be described as an amalgamation of digital freedom expressed in organic, fibrous, growing sounds inviting for fluid-like spinal movements on the dancefloor.
In the space created he wishes to awaken in people a deeper appreciation for the range of possibilities of auditory sensory experience.
Being a dance animal himself Enso experiences it as a sacred role of the artist to guide the energy of the collective stomp of the dancefloor into unexplored spaces. new ground..


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